Research and development

11 August 2023

New MIVALI Project

Stolt Sea Farm participates in the MIVALI project, focused on the development of microencapsulated vaccines against Aeromonas salmonicida in turbot. This is a public-private collaboration project, […]
2 March 2023

Flexible biorefinery to optimise use of fish and seafood by-products

Stolt Sea Farm has joined a partnership project, called Life Refish, to reduce waste and optimise the use of by-products from fishing activity. Life Refish aims […]
1 November 2022

Animal welfare research

Since 2022, Stolt Sea Farm has been working with the Marine Research Center at the University of Vigo, led by Professor Jesús Míguez, in applied research […]
22 November 2021

Stolt Sea Farm, partner in a new European project: AQUA-FAAANG

Stolt Sea Farm is a partner in a new European project, AQUA-FAAANG, the purpose of which is to make fish stocks more resilient by improving their […]
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