Building the Stolt Sea Farm we enjoy today, a successful and sustainable company, has required patience, care, commitment and passion, day after day and for 50 years now.

Today we celebrate that success, but at the same time, we look the future; I propose we start the next 50 years by planting our commemorative seeds. They will be a symbol of our commitment to continue caring for our company, protecting its heritage and nurturing its growth. Let’s keep writing this story together.

I greatly appreciate your contribution.

With love,
Jordi Trias


A message from our President

Stolt Sea Farm President Jordi Trias thanks employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders for helping to build the business we are today and invites everyone to share in our 50th anniversary celebrations throughout 2022. Together, he says, we will ensure that future generations continue to enjoy wonderful seafood.


Our values have helped us to become global pioneers and innovators in the production of premium turbot and sole, and they guide us in our mission to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy wonderful seafood.



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Anniversary events

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary with a full schedule of events throughout the year to recognise the employees, suppliers and customers who have contributed to Stolt Sea Farm's success since we began operations in 1972.

10 August 2022

Open days for suppliers, partners and clients

Our facilities will be open throughout the year for our suppliers, partners, collaborators and clients to learn more about our operations and sustainable practices and, of […]
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10 August 2022

Family days for our employees

Throughout the year, our farms are opening their doors to our employees and their families and friends to raise awareness of what we do and bring […]
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10 August 2022

Sharing our history

We created anniversary banners and posters to display in all our offices and facilities and, throughout the year, every Stolt Sea Farm work centre will host […]
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10 August 2022

Anniversary gift

Stolt Sea Farm kicked off its 50th anniversary year by distributing seeds to all its employees to symbolise the commitment that has been cultivated since the […]
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