Stolt Sea Farm cleans up in Spain

This summer, Stolt Sea Farm (SSF) staff based in Lira, Spain, spent the day helping to clean-up the beach in Lariño.
The event, organised by SSF Manager Ramón Beiro, is held each year in the region in memory of Suso Pais, a local nature-loving diver who sadly drowned during one of his many seaside explorations.
The SSF team worked alongside local volunteers, including many children, to rid the shoreline of rubbish that can cause damage to both human and marine life.

The cleanup is always a big event in the local calendar, where whole families take part to improve the shoreline environment. Every year, more and more people join the clean up, which has a very positive impact. Not only did the team contribute to their local community and the protection of the ocean, but they also had a lot of fun while remembering the life of a much-respected local.