Family Days continue across our farms

In April, two more Family Day events took place in celebration of Stolt Sea Farm's 50th anniversary.

The Couso farm welcomed a group of 34 employees and their families on April 2, offering visitors a tour of the site, a meal and a special anniversary cake. Children were able to feed the fish (left) and everyone was asked to sign a commemorative poster that will remain on display at the farm.

Lira, one of Stolt Sea Farm's largest turbot production farms, opened its doors on Saturday, April 30 (below). "Farm employees were excited to show their family and friends the site, which has more than 400 tanks and one million fish," says Katia Garrido, from SSF's HR Department, who also attended the event. "We all learned a lot about turbot production, an unknown world for most of the visitors, and the tour ended with the tasting of Galician empanadas."

The next Family Days are at Quilmas on May 14 and Merexo on May 28, and all employees are welcome to attend with their families and friends.

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