International Women’s Day 2022

In celebration of International Women's Day today, Stolt Sea Farm asked some of our female colleagues and President Jordi Trias what this year's theme of #BreakTheBias means to them and why it's important for us all.

Eva Dieguez Rojo, Hatchery Production Manager, Cervo, Spain (pictured, far left): "One of the basic pillars of aquaculture is continuous improvement. We cannot improve – in our business or as a society – if we do not break down prejudices, if we do not open our minds to people who think differently to us. The best weapon against prejudice is knowledge: seeing the world, reading, meeting different people and appreciating their different skills and values. None of this is possible if we get carried away by stereotypes.”

Ana Riaza, R&D & Laboratory Manager, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (pictured, centre): "I believe discrimination in the workplace occurs mainly in an unconscious way. This is an issue we need to address. Women also still have the challenge of finding a balance between family life and work life, especially in the case of motherhood. Educating ourselves to overcome our prejudices and allow for more balance are the challenges we all still have to face to truly break the glass ceiling.”

Esther Rañón García, Health Assistant, Cervo, Spain (pictured, far right): "Our future of equality lies in being able to have the same opportunities regardless of the gender to which you belong. Only through education will we be able to change the preconceived ideas we have about men and women.”

Jordi Trias, President, Stolt Sea Farm: "To me, #BreakTheBias is the process of moving towards what should be normality, where gender is no longer relevant in any aspect of society or business, including recruitment, recognition and career progression. I look forward to the day when equality is no longer a topic of discussion because it has been achieved. At Stolt Sea Farm, we are committed to ensuring both women and men are offered every opportunity to pursue the roles they aspire to.”

You can also see the campaign on LinkedIn.