Life’s Beachy at Stolt Sea Farms Miñarzos and Merexo

Every year, the teams at our Spanish sites in Merexo and Miñarzos carry out beach-cleaning activities around the coastline where their facilities are located. The clean-up activities are not only good for the environment, they also promote positive local community relations and illustrate the commitment of Stolt Sea Farms to work in a sustainable way. In fact, the area surrounding the Miñarzos site was established as a natural marine reserve after the facility was installed, demonstrating the neutral impact that it has on the ocean’s ecosystem.

Respect for the environment is paramount for a business that is reliant on natural resources. The two tonnes of plastic – that’s the weight of your average great white shark - collected in one day by our Lira team in Miñarzos is a testament to the hard work that everyone put in during the day.
While the initiative was primarily about reducing our impact on the surrounding environment and giving something back to the community, the clean-up gave the team an opportunity to build upon their collaborative skills. It also provided them with a deeper, hands-on awareness of the negative effect that plastic has on beach ecosystems.

Speaking on the clean-up operation, Jordi Trias said “Beat plastic pollution is the theme for World Environment Day 2018, and our Merexo and Miñarzos teams are certainly doing their part! I was really impressed by the effort that everyone made during the day.”