Stolt Sea Farm supports local fishermen in Spain

Stolt Sea Farm (SSF) was delighted to once again partner with the Lira Fishermen's Association in Galicia, Spain this summer to celebrate our shared passion and promote the benefits of fresh seafood.

The association hosted two tasting events, on August 5 and 12, where visitors and members of the local community could taste wild-caught and sustainably farmed seafood.

This year’s guests enjoyed the local fishermen’s catch, including shellfish and Galician octopus, as well as our fresh turbot.

“It’s important that we use the same resources responsibly and support each other’s activities,” explains SSF’s Sustainability Manager, Carlos Tavares (pictured centre). “Our Lira farm sources its water from – and recirculates it back into – the Os Miñarzos marine reserve.

“The outlet water often has a higher oxygen content than seawater, resulting in an increased distribution of nutrients that enhances growth of octopus and crab, which is helpful to local fishermen.”

Mariano Lago, President of the Lira Fishermen’s Association, adds: “It’s important to us to maintain this good relationship, not only as neighbours, but as part of the same community – almost from the same family. Often, the people who work on our fishing boats have a relative working in SSF.

“We are showing that it is possible to do responsible aquaculture and traditional fishing in the same environment – in the end, we share the same water. And all the visitors who come to the tasting are delighted. Every year more people come.”