Stolt Sea Farm Launches the Best Turbot Tray Pave at Auchan

Stolt Sea Farm (SSF) and seafood specialist Mericq recently joined forces to launch a new product at French supermarket giant Auchan. The two businesses have big plans to popularise turbot, a fish often perceived as inaccessible, yet a product with a thousand virtues. They have developed a version specifically for preparation at home, which comes ready to cook and with a recipe card.
Commenting on the new venture Jordi Trias, President Stolt Sea Farm said:

“The development and success of our value added product range is key to our diversification strategy as we focus on expanding our geographical reach and attracting a younger and wider consumer audience. Auchan’s introduction of turbot portions is the first step of this exciting, transformational project for SSF. I am very excited to see it materialise in France, which is a highly competitive market.”

Irresistible assets

Each of the portions on sale at Auchan comes in an individual tray, providing 200 to 250g of premium-quality turbot, ideal for a healthy balanced meal. Turbot provides quality protein and is a healthy source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B and Omega-3 which have been linked to intellectual development, bone strength, heart health, strong muscles and improved immunity. A real cocktail of good elements for the body. Traditionally viewed as an exclusive fish, reserved for special occasions, this new, ready to cook version offers more people the opportunity to enjoy this tasty white fish.

Good for the body, good for the planet

Stolt Sea Farm has been a leader in the aquaculture industry since 1972. The company follows stringent quality and environmental controls to ensure that all operations carried out by the company are environmentally sound, as evidenced by its attainment of the highest quality certifications. (ISO, Friend of the Sea, Global GAP, IFS and Best Aquaculture Practices).

In a context of dwindling resources and rising prices of wild fish, farmed turbot continues to appeal as much by its delicious taste as its sustainable qualities.

This gourmet innovation has been on sale since October in all Auchan stores and recently launched in two additional French supermarkets: Casino and Monoprix. It’s a culinary delight not to be missed if you happen to be in France!