Stolt Sea Farm partners with Telefónica Tech to digitalise its operations

Stolt Sea Farm has partnered with Telefónica Tech to develop a five-year plan that will allow Stolt Sea Farm to digitalise its production operations and predict the supply and demand of fish to manage capacity and reduce waste.

On April 18, at the Advanced Factories 2023 congress in Barcelona (April 18-20), Jorge Alfonso (above right), SSF’s Food Operations Manager and Dario Cesena (above left), CEO of Geprom, part of Telefónica Tech, outlined the plan, which will focus on digitalising SSF’s 14 land-based turbot and sole aquaculture farms – located in Spain, Portugal, France, Iceland and Norway – within five years. They also discussed how the technology that is helping to optimise SSF’s business can have the same positive impact across the aquaculture industry.

The plan includes the development of a pioneering digital tool that will help SSF to optimise its business by allowing it to predict the supply and demand of its sustainably-produced turbot and sole. The tool will integrate various industrial digitalisation platforms – such as those used for warehouse management, production digitalisation and production and demand planning – with data collected at the plants.

Machine learning algorithms will provide SSF with patterns to improve its planning, as advanced analytics provide an estimate of customer orders to more efficiently manage its production processes.

"This is an exciting and innovative step for Stolt Sea Farm and a key part of our business strategy,” said SSF’s Jorge Alfonso. “The digitalisation and integration of our demand planning and production processes will help us further improve the internal management of operational processes and lead to an even better service to our customers."

Dario Cesena, CEO of Geprom, part of Telefónica Tech, added: "We are very proud to have developed a pioneering analytics plan for Stolt Sea Farm that will help optimise its business margins. The application of technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence allows the industrial sector to rely on analysed data to make better decisions aimed at transforming their business models and making them more efficient and competitive."

In October 2022, Jorge Alfonso and SSF’s IT Manager, Manuel Rey, presented Stolt Sea Farm’s digital transformation programme and expertise at a conference hosted by Telefónica Empresas (business services).